City of lights

Anila Rubiku, City of lights, 2015, cm. 500 x 450 x60, 184 embroidered, perforated cardboard houses, LED light implant, black plexiglass, mirror © Copyright 2020

City of Lights
Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, California.

Los Angeles used to be a vast desert. It is now a vast city of lights especially when you y in at night – miles upon square miles of light from the low built houses. People packed cheek by jowl into an an arid environment that was once populated by spiders and snakes and little else. e folly of modern town planning and architects making a living is monumentally everywhere in many places in the US (see South Florida). Los Angeles presents a unique case of the folly of over population and the attempt to accommodate this. However, in this case it is not without a certain brutal beauty. e work, created when I was a resident of the Hammer Museum, is 184 houses made of paper sewn with interiors on the exterior and under lit and presented on a black plexiglass 7 metres x 5. Metres. It is a vast art work that mirrors the city at night.

Hammer Museum