The Swing of Injustice

Anila Rubiku, The Swing of Injustice , 2022. cm.205 x 276 x 192,8, powder coated steel, painted wood and ropes. Installation view @ Vierzon Biennale ArtChitecture Infinite Liberte’ 2022 Organized by Frac Centre-Val de Loire di Orleans, France. (Photo. Francois Lauginie)

Forsaken garden

Anila Rubiku Forsaken Garden, 2021 Dimensions: cm. 36 ⌀ Embroidery on silk , film, 2 drawing charcoal on A4 paper Installation view exhibition La Tendresse Subversive, 2022 at Frac Centre-Val de Loire Orleans, France. (Photo. M. Argyroglo)