Synime – Ambitions 2021

2021 January-April Curated by Adela Demetja, Eremire Krasniqi

Juliet Art Magazine 2021 – Feb /mar 2021
Interview with Luciano Marucci  pg. 45-47.

Editions Ishtar
Limited edition of 300 copies
Graphics: Simon Dara
Swiss binding on dust jacket, size: 170 × 240 mm, 144 pages
Isbn: 978-2-931104-01-9
Editions Ishtar
In spring 2020, twenty women artists bear witness with humor and poetry to their lockdown and to the way in which this suspended time has influenced their artistic practice. A collection of texts composed by Nathalie Guiot and read as a tremendous source of inspiration and teaching.
With Lucile Adam, Nour Awada, Nathalie Azoulai, Janet Biggs, Léa Bismuth, Andrea Blum, Marie Bovo, Véronique Caye, Ninar Esber, Simone Fattal, Aurélie Gravas, Marie-Ange Guilleminot, Eva Jospin, Elena Mazzi, Rachel Monosov, Simone Pheulpin, Barbara Polla, Prajakta Potnis, Joanna Preiss, Anila Rubiku, Célia Stroom, Agnès Thurnauer, Suzanne Wathelet.

12.10.19 – 01.12.19
Dentro il Disegno, Castiglia di Saluzzo, Cuneo, Italy .
Curated by Lorand Hegyi

Catalog Dentro il Disegno,
Pubblisher Electa, 2019 ISBN 9788891827302
Curated by Lorand Hegyi.

Dentro il disegno, in Castiglia a Saluzzo mostra il potere dell’artista nell’era contemporanea at CuneoCronaca 18 November 2019.
Dentro il disegno, La mostra curata da Lorand Heguy a Saluzzo, at 11 October 2019.
Saluzzo Mostra Dentro il disegno, at 11 October 2019.

24.09.19 – 18.12.19
A moment before the world,

International Biennale of Rabat, Morocco.
Curated by Abdelkader Damani.

Un instant avant le monde, solitude interrompue d’une Biennale 2019 Publisher Diptyk Magazine, Curated by Abdelkader Damani

Un instant avant le monde, solitude interrompue d’une Biennale 2019 Publisher Diptyk Magazine, Curated by Abdelkader Damani

G. Harris. Inaugural Rabat Biennale to be made up -mainly- of female artists, at The Art Newspaper, 20 August 2019.
N. Rea. The Inaugural Rabat Biennial Only Includes Female Artists. Its – Male- Curator Explains Why the Move Was Necessary, at The, 24 September 2019.
E. Jardonnet. A Rabat, La premiere Biennale d’art contemporain entierement feminine.  at LeMonde, 4 October 2019.
Erste Rabat-Biennale Folgt den Herzen, nichet den Regeln!   at Monopole Magazine, 22 October 2019.
M. Ghelma. ART ATTACK Biennale al Femminile a Rabat, at Elle Italy Magazine, 10 October 2019.

06.09.19 – 21.09.19
Chants D’amour, Galerie Dix9 Helene Lacharmoise, Paris, France.
GALERIE DIX9 19 rue des Filles du Calvaire 75003 Paris.

Motive/Motif: artists commemorate the Suffragettes.
London College of Fashion. UK.

Catalog Document Motive-Motif July 2018
Motive/Motif: Artists Commemorate the Suffragettes, at London College Of Fashion, July, 2019.

29.11.18 – 14.04.19
Living in the Mediterranean
. IVAM – Istitut Valencia d’Art Modern, Valencia. Spain.
Curated by Pedro Azara and Miguel G. Cortes.

Catalog Inhabiting The Mediterranean
2018     ISBN: 978-48-482-6296-9

L. Igrexas, Exposicion: Habitar el Mediterraneo!, at Jot Down – 29.11.2019,  Spain.
S. M. Habitar el Mediterraneo, at Agenda Urbana- January 2019, Nr. 22, Spain.
S. Enguix. Claroscuros del Mediterráneo en el IVAM, at Lavanguardia – 29.11. 2019, Spain.
A. J. G. El IVAM reflexiona sobre las luces y las sombras del mar común, at Levante EMV – 28.11.19, Spain.
El IVAM reflexiona sobre las luces y las sombras del Mediterráneo – at Los Ojos De Hipatia -28.11.2018, Spain.
El IVAM se sumerge en las -luces y sombras- e las ciudades y modos de vida bañados por el Mediterraneo, at  20Minutos – 28.11. 2018, Spain.
El IVAM se zambulle en las -luces y sombras- de las ciudades y modos de vida bannados por el Mediterraaneo, at EuropaPress – 03.12. 2018, Spain.
L. Garces.  El IVAM viaja a las ciudades forjadas por el Mediterraneo, at Las Provincias – 29.11. 2018, Spain.
S. Torres.  Un bello mar de alfileres, at El Mundo – 29.11. 2018, Spain.
F. Bono.  El Mediterráneo como hábitat de sueños y conflictos, at EL PAÍS – 27. 11. 2018, Spain.
The Mediterranean as a habitat of dreams and conflicts, at Jelly Pages – 28. 11. 2018, Spain. 
Inhabiting the Mediterranean, ArtDaily November 2018.
Public talk Anila Rubiku and Pedro Azara, Thursday 29.11.2018 h.19:00 – IVAM Valencia.

14.04.2019 – 14.05.19
Ad Infinitum, 13th Havana Biennale – Collateral Event
Curated by Magda Gonzales Mora

Anila Rubiku, I’m still standing, 12-14, 2019 Invitation Ad Infinitum Exhibition, Habana,Cuba © Copyright 2020

Lorena Canto, Ad Infinitum,  La Bienal de La Habana tiene rostro de mujer, La Prensa Latina 15.04.19, Cuba.

05.09.16 – 05.10.19
Life Bearings,
Georgia Scherman Project, Toronto, Canada.
Curated by Magda Gonzalez-Mora
Artists: Carly Butler, Hyang Cho, Elsa Mora, Vessna Perunovich, Anila Rubiku

19.01.19 – 28.02.19
Il Disegno Politico Italiano, 
A+A Gallery, Venice, Italy.

Curated by Aurora Fonda and Sandro Pignotti.

M. Solari, Il Disegno politico italiano, Galleria A plus A,  Venezia, at Flash Art – 27.02.2019.
E. Tantucci, Il Disegno e’ politico nelle opere di 40 artisti, Galleria A plus A,  Venezia, at La Nuova Venezia- 3.02.2019 


PRŌTOCOLLUM – Global Perspectives on Visual Vocabulary
21 visual artists and art collectives from 22 countries:
The fifth issue of PRŌTOCOLLUM, the annually published anthology dedicated to non-Western contemporary visual artists, art narratives and art history, has been released by DICKERSBACH KUNSTVERLAG. PRŌTOCOLLUM’s issue for 2018/19 features contributions by 21 visual artists and art collectives from 22 countries.

PROTOCOLLUM issue for 2018-19

01.03.18 – 03.06.18
No Place like Home
. Museu Coleção Berardo, Lisbona. Portugal.
Curated by Adina Kamien -Kazhdan
Brochure Exhibition

07.07.18 – 07.08.18
The Consequences Of Love, Kyro Gallery Pietrassanta, Italy

Anila Rubiku, The Consequences of Love, Catalogue, 2018 © Copyright 2020

C. Cipriani, The Consequences of Love, Anila Rubiku Kyro Gallery Pietrasanta, at, 2 Agosto.

02.03.17 – 26.04.17
Drawing Biennial 2017, Drawing Room, London

Anila Rubiku, Drawing Biennial 2017, Drawing Room London, English Full colour, 27 x 20 cm, 40pp, 256 illustrations, Anila Rubiku © Copyright 2020

Drawing Room London
Drawing Biennial review featured in Drawing Biennial review featured in The New European newspaper, 21.04.17

25.02.18 – 29.08.17
No Place like Home, Israeli Museum Jerusalem
Curated by Adina Kamien – Kazhdan.

NO PLACE LIKE HOME 2017, Israeli Museum, English/Hebrew, 180 pages, soft cover cm. 22.5 x 21 Anila Rubiku © Copyright 2020

R. Barnea. No Place Like Home, at Calcalist Newspaper, 27. 02. 2017, Israel
Calcalist Newspaper 27.02.17, Israel, The Israel Museum Presents No Place Like Home, 14.03.2017
Listen the Audioguide show No Place like Home

17.02.17 – 01.04.17
Eccentric Spaces, Riccardo Costantini Contemporary, Torino. Italy.
Curated by Elena Inchingolo and Paola Stroppiana.

Anila Rubiku, Eccentric Spaces, 2017, Riccardo Costantini Contemporary , Italian-English, Soft Cover 22.5 x 21, Anila Rubiku © Copyright 2020

G. Zonca, L’altra realta, La Stampa, Torino. p.53, 08.03.2017
M. Bramante, Eccentric Spaces. L’epos delle mutazioni spaziali, Espoarte 04.03.17
E.Bertaina, Eccentric Spaces- 5 artiste ragionano sullo Spazio da Riccardo Costantini Contemporary, at Gazzetta Torino, 27.02.17
Eccentric Spaces, Da Riccardo Costantini Contemporary, La Stampa – 16.02.2017

G. Bria, Reportage dall’Albania, nella Terra delle Aquile Artribune 10.12.2016.

03.05.17 – 30.06.17
Ghost: Memory, Desire, Power and Loss, Rossmut Gallery, Rome. Italy.
Curated by Elisa Fulco and Antonio Leone.
Galleria Rossmut – Via dei Reti, 29/b Roma, Italy.

23.09.16 – 06.11.16
The pleasure of Love , 56th October Salon
Artistic Director David Elliott

06.05 – 24.05.16
T’Ain’t Nobody’s Business if I Do,
Zygote Press Gallery, Cleveland, USA.

23.06.15 – 30.09.15
Between the Pessimism of the Intellect and the Optimism of the Will.  The 5th Thessaloniki Biennial, Thessaloniki, Greece.
Curated by Katherina Gregos.

Catalog, 5th Thessaloniki Biennale, 2015. Greece © Copyright 2020

Thessaloniki, Greece.

05.03.15 – 30.04.15
Drawing Biennial 2015, Drawing Room, London. UK.

Catalog, Drawing Room Biennial 2015,Drawing Room, London. UK © Copyright 2020

21.05.15 – 27.06.15
Les yeux mi-clos, 
Curated by Christophe Veys. 
Jozsa Gallery, Bruxelles. Belgium.
Alienor Debrocq, Regards Croises a la jozsa gallery at Lesoir Belgium, 17.06.2015 
Christophe Veys, Double regard, la galleriste et le collectionneu, Art Libre Newspaper 5-11 june, Belgium.

13.12.14 – 18.04.15
Under Erasure
, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv. Israel
Curated by Irith Hadar.

Invitation Under Erasure show Tel Aviv Museum© Copyright 2020
Anila Rubiku,Catalog Under Erasure,© Copyright 2020

Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv

13.09.14 – 25.10.14
Fearful Intentions, solo show at Josza Gallery,
Brussels. Belgium

Anila Rubiku, Fearful Intentions, invitation© Copyright 2020

P.-Y.D. Brussels Art Days: Galerie Jozsa et Delire Gallery, at ArtFluxNews, Oct-Nov, Dec.2014,Nr 65, p2.

Luke Mullins, The making and unmaking of a power marriage. at Washingtonian, August 2014.

Artisti per Guri i Zi, Sotheby’s Milano, Italia.

L. Tortora, Artisti per Guri i Zi, at, 12.05.14.

05.04.14 – 03.05.14
L’Oeuvre au Noir, Jozsa Gallery.
Bruxelles. Belgium.

Invitation oeuvre_au_noir

Zénon in Marguerite Yourcenar, L’oeuvre au noir, Folio n°798, p.160, Flux News, n°64, p. 11.

Anila Rubiku, One of the Top Global Thinkers, FP Edition, 2014 
A world disrupted: The leading global thinkers of 2014,

01.04, 14
Eriola Pira, Effacing Memory, The artist defaces dictators who amassed illegitimate power, and works of art, at Guernica Magazine.

01.09.13 – 31.10.13
Artist in Residence, Tica, Tirana, Albania.

Artist in Residence at TICA, Tirana, Albania.

Anila Rubiku Speciale ABCNews, 07.10.2013

Anila Rubiku, Hammer Museum UCLA, Lecture as part of the Hammer Lectures- 7.30pm
Lost Angeles, California. USA.

Invitation Lecture, Hammer Museum, L.A. 15.05.13

04.02.2013 – 30.05.13
Anila Rubiku, Artist in Residence at the Hammer Museum UCLA.
Workshops at the Hammer Museum UCLA part of artist in residence 2013.
Los Angeles, California. USA.

Invitation workshop Hammer Museum L.A. 2013

Carol J. Williams, Global Voices: An artist’s take on dictatorship’s legacy,  Interview at Los Angeles Times, 10.04.13.

14.02.13 – 03.04.13
Human Nature,
Braverman Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
Jacob Mishori, David Adika, Anila Rubiku, Aharon Ozery, Reuven Israel, Dana Levi,

05.12.12 – 10.03.13
Kama, Sex and Design, Triennale Design Museum, Milan, Italy.
Curated by Silvana Annicchiarico.

Catalog, Corraini, 2012,
Italian and English, Soft Cover,
cm. 21 x 26,
Silvana Annicchiarico
ISBN: 978-88-7570-384-4

11.02.12 – 12.08.12
Material Intervention, National Gallery of Art, Modern Lab,Washington D.C. USA.
Curated by Andrea Nelson.

24.05.12 – 31.07.12
The Best of Times, The Worst of Times. Rebirth and Apocalypse in Contemporary Art, The First Kyiv International Biennale, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kiev, Ukraine.
Curated by David Elliott.

Catalog, 1st Kiev Biennial, The Best of Times, The Worst of Times, Rebirth and Apocalypse in Contemporary Art.

Keti Bicoku, Anila Rubiku nga Bunkeret e shqiperise tek kapelat e Borsalinos, Interviste,Shqiptari i Italise,16- 30.09.12

12.11.2011 – 12.02.2012
Kunst–Stoff. Textilien in der Kunst seit 1960 at Städtische Galerie Karlsruhe, Germany.
Curated by Melanie Ardjah.

Invitation _KunstStoff_Ansicht K-Stadische galerie Germany

Invitation _KunstStoff_Ansicht K-Stadische galerie Germany

D. Gregori, Kunst-Stoff. Textilien in der Kunst seit 1960: Alles, nur nicht grundiert, Artmagazine 18.01.12
Annette Hoffmann, Verstrickt und zugenäht Die Ausstellung Kunst-Stoff befasst sich in der Städtischen Galerie Karlsruhe mit Textilien in der Kunst seit 1960. Artline magazine,20.12.12

09.10.11 – 04.03.12
Das Textile als Medium der zeitgenössischen Kunst, Kunst Archiv Darmstadt, Germany.
Curated by Claus K. Netuschil.

Hats Protect Ideas,
with Borsalino, Artissma, Turin. Italy
Curated by Elisa Fulco.

La sfida di Artissima – LASTAMPA.it_ 04.11.11_Gloria Bartoli
mp.a, Una festa nell ex sala da ballo per la fiera che punta al primato LaRepublica04.11.11
A.Vettese, La crisi segna tutte le istituzioni..ilSole24Ore, 10.30.2011
Giusi Ferre, Io Donna,11.26.2011
Elisa Fulco, Il Giornale delle Fondazioni,Esercizi Di Contemporaneità Della Fondazione Borsalino20.03.12

13.09.11 – 18.11.11
About Translation, Anila Rubiku und Nina Hoechtl,
Galerie IG BILDENDE KUNST- Wien, Austria.
Curated by Karin Pernegger and Dagmar Hoss

04.2011 Von Daniela Tomasovsky, Anila Rubiku beschäftigt sich mit dem Verhältnis der Geschlechter zueinander, arbeitet mit Stiften, Textilien, Kleiderhaken, Nadel und Zwirn, stammt aus Albanien, ist in der Welt zu Hause und derzeit Artist in Residence in Krems at Morgen, 4/11, Pg.32-33.

01.07.11 – 30.09.11
Artist in Residence, AIRNiederosterreich, Krems, Austria.

04.06.11 – 27.11.11
ILLUMInazioni – ILLUMInations 54th International Venice Biennale 2011, Albanian Pavilion.

ISBN-10: 8831708201 / ISBN-13: 978-8831708203
M. Rukaj, Anila Rubiku, Cappelli e Fagioli, Osservatorio dei Balcani, 08.07.11
Alessandra Galletta Altro Paese Altro Cittadinanza, Flash Art Dicembre – Gennaio 2011-12 nr. 298, pg. 28
Alessandra Galletta, Borsalino un idea per capello, Flash Art, Novembre 2011 nr. 297

08.11.11 – 30.04.12
Magic Lantern, Recent Acquisitions in Contemporary Art at Israel Museum, Jerusalem.
Curated by Suzanne Landau, Amitai Mendelsohn.
Angela Levine,Making Magic at the Israel Museum, MidnightEast, 22.01.12
Ruth Beloff, The reality of illusion – The Jerusalem Post,27.12.2011
Jerusalem, Israel.

08.04.11 – 05.06.11
Windows onto the Sea, The State Museum of Contemporary Art,
Thessaloniki. Greece.

Anila Rubiku, Windows onto the sea, Thessaloniki, Grece.© Copyright 2020

15.01.11 – 31.01.11
Nach Strich und Faden, Fruehsorge Contemporary Drawing Gallery, Berlin. Germany.

Thea Herold, KUNST StückeJetzt oder nie, Kultur,Tagesspiegel

01.12.10- 01.02.2011
Explore the potential of new technologies and alternative sourses, 
Commissioned by Bloomberg and shown at Bloomberg Headquarters, London. UK.
Curated by Sigrid Kirk
Dan Hoges, Paper Therapy for cancer sufferers, Fulham Hammersmith chronichle,24.12.10

11.09.2010 – 23.10.2010
Laws, Lies, Traditions & Convictions
, Josza Gallery, Brussels. Belgium.

Anila Rubiku, Laws, Lies, Traditions and convictions,Josza gallery© Copyright 2020

21.07.10 – 31.08.10
Nove artisti per Napoli milionaria, Palazzo Ducale Martina Franca. Taranto.
Curated by Lia De Venere e Fabrizio Vona.

Invitation Napoli Millenaria. 2010

12.06.10 – 22.08.10
Edition 5 Erstfeld at the Haus für Kunst, Uri,
Altdorf, Switzerland.
Curated by Barbara Zurcher.

Invitation Edition5 Erstfeld _Haus fur Kunst Uri 12.06-22.08.2010

27.06.09 – 04.10.09
Säen und Jäten –Volkskultur in der zeitgenössischen Kunst.
Städtische Galerie Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany.
Curated by Nicole Fritz.

Saeen-und-Jaeten_gross- Säen und Jäten. Volkskultur in der zeitgenössischen Kunst, Nicole Fritz, Städtische Galerie Ravensburg, Snoeck Verlag, Köln 2009

27.06.09 – 04.10.09
Fragile – Fields of Empathy, tour, Musée d’Art Moderne de Saint-Étienne, Saint-Étienne, Accademia D’Ungleria in Roma, Italy, Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon, South Korea.
Curated by Lorand Hegyi.

09.12.09 – 18.12.09
Marvellous Reality, Gallery Espace, New Delhi, India.
Lalit Kala Academy. New Delhi, India.

Invitation, Marvelous Reality, Lo Real Maravilloso 2009

Catalog, Marvelous Reality, Lo Real Maravilloso 2009-1

Catalog, Marvelous Reality, Lo Real Maravilloso 2009-2

14.03.09 – 09.05.09
Imagine the possibilities, Solo show, Gallery Alessandro Bagnai.
Florence, Italy.
Curated by James Putnam.

Invitation, Imagine the possibilities,2009

Rosella Morato, Anila Rubiku,Imagine the possibilities interview, Artecritica 58 – Marzo-Maggio. 2009 pg. 58-59.

Donata Panizza, Immagine the possibilities, Exibart 17.04.2009

18.09.09 – 22.10.09
The Symbolic Efficiency of the Frame, 4th Tirana International Biennial, Albania.
Curated by Joa Ljundberg & Edi Muka.
Hotel Dajti, Tirana. Albania.

Catalog Efficiency of the Frame, Tirana Art Biennale 2009

24.02.09 – 29.03.09
Dritto Rovescio, Triennale Museum, Milan, Italy.
Curated by do-knit-yourself.

Catalog, Dritto Rovescio 2009 Electa

06.09.08 – 15.11.08
Panoramic Landscapes
, Herzliya Museum Israel
Curated by Dalia Levin.

Invitation, Panoramic Landscapes, 2008 Herzliya Museum Israel

25.04.08 – 05.06.08
The 16 Ways
, Gallery Braverman.
Tel Aviv, Israel.

Invitation The 16 ways, Braverman Gallery,2008

07.05.08 – 21.09.08
Micro narratives, Museum of Sant Etiene. France.
Curated by Lorand Hegyi.

Invitation Micro narrative 2008

Catalog, Micro Narratives Temptation of Small Realities,Skira ISBN9-788861308244- 2008

03.10.08 – 30.10.08
Mediations Biennale. Un voyage sentimentale,
1st Poznan Biennial, Poland.
Curated by Lorand Hegyi, Gu Zhenqing and Yu Yeon Kim.

Invitation Poznan Biennale 2008

14.09.08 – 23.09.08
The Bearable Lightness of being. The metaphor of the space,
Palazzo Pesaro Papafava. 11th International Architecture, Biennale Venice, Italy.
Curated by Lorand Hegyi.

Invitation The bearable lightness of being

Catalog-Architecture Biennale_ The bearable lightness of being – Invitation

10.10.08 – 25.10.08
Emergenze Creative MAR Museo d’Arte della Città di Ravenna, Italy.
Curated by Silvia Cirelli e Maria Livia Brunelli.

27.01.08 – 03.03.08
Women’s Images/Frauenbilder, Kunsthalle Lingen, Germany.
Curated by Dr. Heiner Schepers.

Invitation Frauenbilder Kunsthalle Lingen _Germany 2008

29.09.07 – 11.11.07
Micro- Narratives
, 48th October Art Salon Belgrade,
Serbia. Yugoslavia.

23.05.07 – 28.07.07
Just in Time
, Gallery Riccardo Crespi,
Milan. Italy
Curated by Gabi Scardi

15.12.06 – 25.02.07
L’immagine sottile
, Galleria Communale d’Arte Contemporanea di Monfalcone. Monfalcone, Italy.
Curated by Andrea Bruciati.

Catalogue im01 cover 2006

23.07.06 – 10.09.06
Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial 2006, Japan.

Invitation Echigo – Tsumari Art Triennal 2006

25.06.06 – 20.08.06
Das Pferd erzählen
, Kunsthalle, Göppingen. Germany.

Invitation card das Pferd _ 2006 Goppingen 2006

Catalog Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2006. ISBN- 3775718362

16.03.06 – 16.05.06
Something in common,  Gallery Anita Beckers, Frankfurt, Germany.

22.04.06 – 07.06.06
Getting lost in Venice it’s wonderful, 
Gallery Traghetto. Venice, Italy

Invitation Traghetto

27.09.05 – 18.11.05
Object of Desire
, Gallery The Flat – Massimo Carasi. Milan, Italy.
Curated by Gabi Scardi

Invitation Object of desire

3.10.04 – 13.11.04
Place for the Self,
Apexart, New York ,USA.
Curated by Amnon Barzel.

Invitation Place for Self.Apex, 2004

PlaceForTheSelf brochure