Outrageous fortune

Anila Rubiku, Outrageous fortune#4, 2020, cm. 26 x 35,7, watercolor on arches paper © Copyright 2020

Outrageous Fortune

I’ve been struck recently that many people’s dreams, indeed, objects, through no fault of their own suffer terrible accidents. What’s amazing to me is how they recover and cope. The human drive to live and survive is astonishing. And often how they do this is a thing of beauty. Even discarded objects seem to a have a majesty.
There are plenty of examples of outrageous fortune: War injuries, diseases, accidents, where the victim is truly a victim, and even objects, many once loved and cherished, simply rejected as redundant thrown away on a scrap heap.
The subject of these works is how they all end up; stunning images are revealed as a testament to endurance.