Chants d’amour, Galerie DIX9, Paris.

Anila Rubiku, Free again, 2015, cm. 20 x 23, neon © Copyright 2020
Anila Rubiku, Chants D’amour, 2019, Installation view, Galerie DIX9 Hélène Lacharmoise, Paris. France © Copyright 2020
09.06.2019 – 09.21.2019
Chants d’amour,
Galerie DIX9 Hélène Lacharmoise, Paris.

Debora Hirsch, Karine Hoffman, Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos, Nina Kovacheva, Romain Mader, Tracey Moffatt, Niyaz Najafov, Nemanja Nikolic, Sophia Pompéry, Anila Rubiku, Marija Sevic, Ilann Vogt

Love between two human beings has always been a theme of predilection in the history of art, in a broad sense, be it the visual arts, literature, music or cinema. Since many artists of Galerie Dix9 have also approached this theme in diverse facettes, it seems appropriate to confront their views in the same exhibition.
As a general concept, ubiquitous in human societies, love most often refers to a deep sense of tenderness and empathy towards a person. The term is generic and has characteristics specific to the various relationships to which it applies. The exhibition is limited to the relationship of couples, those that exist between two adult beings. Under the title “Songs of Love”, inspired by Jean Genet’s film, it aims to illustrate the universality of love and its excesses through works by contemporary artists from different countries. In this way, it questions the state of our societies in their relationship to individual freedom, social justice and gender equality.

Galerie DIX9 Hélène Lacharmoise
19 rue des Filles du Calvaire
Paris, France