The Consequences Of Love, Kyro Art Gallery

Anila Rubiku, Don’t fence me in. 2016, cm.113,5 x 186, watercolour on arches paper, © Copyright 2020

07.07.18 – 07.08.18
The Consequences of Love,
Kyro Art Gallery, Pietrasanta, Italy.
Curated by Gianluca Marziani.

Here is the greatest folly of all. We fall in love, enter into a close dyadic bond and immediately try to limit the freedom of the other. This is depicted using chains whose significance runs very deeply in all cultures. Chains bind, enclose and imprison; they tether and keep danger or freedom at bay. They are a false security. They are deeply unreasonable. The project Albanian Women Justice and the Law completed in Albania in 2013 showed that the women were in prison because of the men they loved. The inspiration for using chains as a symbol of love came from American blues and the American song book generally in which chains figure prominently as a metaphor for ‘loving’ relationships with “Unchain My Heart” being the the archetypical song but many other segments of the lyrics sum up beautifully the folly of love as human do it: “Why do Fools Fall in Love?” 

Kyro Art Gallery